SparkFun, everyone’s favourite electronics internet retailer, has released a really cool new service called Phant. Well, Phant is the engine behind, a website that allows the “Internet of Things” to store simple data online.

For example, you’ve got a little thermometer connected to an ethernet enabled Arduino, once you’ve connected it up to the data service, you can send and store the sensor readings in Sparkfun’s cloud.

As SparkFun says:

What types of projects would benefit from this service?

Almost anything. Your weather station in the backyard. A classroom of kids working on science experiments. A community concerned with pollution and crowdsourcing data collection. The weight of your pug’s food dish. You get the idea. If your project can send an http request, you can push data out to our servers.

I have started writing a simple PHP class that connects to the Phant system.

It’s called PHPePhant, and it’s hosted on GitHub. It’s still in its early days (it only POSTs data so far), but I hope to build it out soon. I haven’t written an open sourced PHP class before, so if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. Better still, just dive right in and submit a pull request!

I can already think of heaps of ways to use this lovely little (and really simple) service, so thanks SparkFun!

Currently I’m collecting a few parts to create little sensors (which I’ll connect via a really simple cheap 433MHz radio system) that can detect the temperature in my house, if the light is on or not, when the door was opened, etc. All is fed back to the master Arduino, which will feed the data right into Phant. Perfect.