It’s more than 500km, but much less than 1000!

Once again, I fell rather short of the goal of running 1000km in a year. It shouldn’t really be that hard - it’s just that I’m lazy.

On a slightly more positive note, I ran more in 2014 than in 2013 (just):


If you look at the months of 2014, you can see where it all went wrong.

After getting into gear just after January 2014, I surged ahead through the summer and early autumn, before simply giving up!

I think it got cold and dark. I hate running in the morning, so night is the only option. And the pub is just too enticing.


Oh well.

I’ve reset the bunny run counter for 2015, and what do you know it’s already 2.7km ahead. That thing is nothing but efficient.


2.7km a day, every day for a year. It’s not hard to imagine, but as we’ve seen it’s slightly harder in practice.