One month down, and I’m only 1.2km behind the pacing bunny!

It’s not a bad start to the year. I’ve so far clocked 83.5k (to the bunny’s 84.7 km).

I was much more reliable at the beginning of the month. There was a noticeable break in running from the 12th Jan to the 18th. And then a few more week gaps.

I’ll put it down to a few things:

  • Hot weather
  • Day shifts at work

I find it hard to get time in the evening to do a run - often a bit hungry and tired. I should work on this. Even if it’s just a short run, it’s a run!

The bunny meter estimates, at current pace, I’ll get to 985.8 km for 2015. Not that far from 1000km, but still not there.

I’ll have to increase the distance a little.

Not going to be much running in February though. I’m going walking in Chile - so I’ll only have one week to get a few kilometres on the clock.

I’ll have to catch up in March.

It’s been a good January. See you at the end of next month.