So I’ve long written (poorly) about a goal to run 1000km in a year.

Anyway, I never made it. Too lazy really.

But this year, I did! I ran my 1000th kilometer on the last day in November. All it took was to go outside, and actually run. It’s up to 1015km now. Not that that’s all that interesting.

I took it all much slower than I did back in 2012/13, etc. Long slow kilometers. Build, build and build to avoid injury, which is probably how I got there.

So that’s that really. Goal achived!

I guess I need to set a new goal. Okay, here goes.

2000km in a year.

Hm… that was easy to set, and is double as hard. Oh well, there it is.

Oh my other goals for 2018:

  • Run 5km in less than 19mins (so at least 18:59)
  • Run 10km in less than 40 mins (so at least 39:59)

My 5km PB sits at 19:45ish. My 10km is old as old at 40:30ish, but I suspect that’s a bit dodge. So we’ll make it 43:08 which was the last time I ran a 10km fast. That happened in May 2017.

Right O. Better get working.