Why, in 2013, are we still being asked to enter email addresses in twice?


I understand the concept for passwords. Passwords are obscured (****) and you need a way to check you haven’t made a typo.

But I can see email addresses. It’s in plain text right in front of me:


It’s also getting worse. More and more websites are actively going out of their way to stop you copy and pasting your email address across.

A very small issue, I agree. But still, stop wasting my time.

P.S – blog posts coming soon:

  • No, I don’t want to download your stupid app. Just show me the content I want.
  • All the slow loading ads are making my mobile browser bounce back up to the top of the page and now I’ve lost my reading spot.
  • If your app relies on ads, please make it clear in the app store so I don’t waste my time

And many, many more.