Dear Google Reader,

You were great. I used you regularly, but alas you’ve decided to leave.

It was all so matter of fact. You abruptly announced that you would cease-to-be July 1 2013. I clicked “okay”, and that was that.

A relationship of years, ended with a simple blue button. I suppose that’s what I liked about you in the first place. You were efficient.

Google Reader

You gave me a few months to gather my stuff. A few months to move on.

It was hard. Copies of you sprung up over the internet almost overnight. But they weren’t as good. I should know, I tried them all.

Sure me and the other RSS readers had some fun, but it was never the same. They were never as fast as you. They were never as snappy. Some were too complicated, others lacked any depth what so ever.

Well Google Reader, I’m just writing to let you know that I have found a perfect match. I don’t want to gloat or anything – it’s nothing like that – but my new RSS reader is so much better.

It even has a snazzier name: NewsBlur.

Funny thing is that I’d tried NewsBlur before. It was a bit slow and the design wasn’t great, so I moved on. Lucky I don’t stick with first impressions.

NewsBlur rolled out a new design the other day. It fixed its speed and now its wonderful. Wonderful. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s even got a premium pricing model. $24 a year. That’s cheap. And you know what? That’s worth paying. It’s worth paying for things that are good, because it means the designers and developers have a reason to keep pushing forward, rather than letting it all stagnate before letting it die.

It also has a really good iPhone and iPad (and Android) app. They are polished, and fast.

So dear Google Reader. Thanks for the good times. I am sorry to see you go. It hasn’t been easy, but – for now at least – NewsBlur is great. I couldn’t be happier.