A while ago, I wrote a quick post on how I accidentally broke my Kindle, but then fixed it again.

It’s been quite a popular post, and I’ve had a few comments and emails from people on how I managed to do it.

The other day, I found a cheap 3G Kindle (Model: D00901) on eBay. But it had a busted screen. So I decided to buy it for my sister, along with a replacement screen, and publish a quick “howto” on opening, operating on, and replacing a broken LCD screen on the D00901 Kindle 3 model.

First up, get a replacement screen. Easiest way is to put the model number and the word screen into an eBay search. You’ll get a few options. I got a new screen, posted, for about $45 AUD. I’m sure if you look really hard you might find a cheaper option.

Anyway, wait for it to turn up. When it does, you’re nearly there. You’ll also need a small Philip’s head screwdriver.



Next step, crack open the plastic shell on the back of the Kindle. I do this by a crude method of using a small screwdriver. There are several tabs that hold it on tight that you’ll have to pull apart gently.

Eventually, and with a tiny bit of pressure, you’ll get the plastic back off. There are no screws that hold the back bit on.

This is what you’ll see.


Take out the screws which hold in the battery (see the red ovals above) then put them and the battery to one side. Then get ready, then get ready – there are 15 tiny screws to take out for the next step.


Once you’ve taken out the screws, the main board isn’t quite ready to be removed.

You now need to carefully disconnect the ribbons. Some have a little lock mechanism. You lift up gently with a normal screwdriver (the brown bit of plastic) then slide the ribbon out. The one down the bottom lifts up (it’s the modem’s antenna), the one with the red/black cable pulls out (don’t yank, edge it out bit-by-bit with a screwdriver).

Again, be very careful here.



If you’ve done it all correctly, the board will then lift out.

Put to one side.

Now the screws which hold in the LCD screen. There’s two at the top, and two on the side.

Undo them, put the screws to one side.




Final stretch, I promise.

The red ovals below have screws which hold the screen holder in. The blue boxes show the location of some tabs. The big purple box down the bottom – that’s just a warning. That’s the on/off switch and it’s easily damageable, so keep an eye out.



Once you’d done that, the metal chassis will lift out.



The screen will fall away. Discard the broken screen.



Carefully place in the new one, then go backwards through these instructions.

A few notes: 

  • The little ribbons are fragile. They also need to be carefully replaced, or buttons won’t work.
  • The screen is fragile, don’t break it again!
  • Before you put all the screws back in, put the battery in and see if everything works properly. Nothing worse that having to undo everything again because you forgot one little ribbon… I speak from experience on that point.

Easy. Any questions? Comment below.