This is really cool, or as John Birmingham puts it over at

Dunno if anyone but me has been watching Wired’s Codefellas series, but it’s one of the sharpest little blipverts of modern satire I’ve come across of late.

It’s basically an updated Odd Couple meme, set in the NSA, with Oscar and Felix swapped out for Topple, an ageing Cold Warrior and Nicole, a code hacker from Special Projects.

So, here are the links:

Ep1 (When Topple met Winters)

Ep2 (Meet Big Data)

Ep3 (How to Hack a Website)

Ep4 (The AntiSocial Network)

Ep5 (Spy vs. Spy)

Ep6 (Blackmail)

Ep7 (Reasons the NSA Should Hire Buzzfeed Staffers)