I’m not going to get to the 1000km in a year target, but I seem to have fixed my knee! So there are a few more kilometers on the board recently.

[progpress title=”My Running Meter” goal=”1000” current=”224.9” label=”kms”]

But where’s the bunny?

[progpress title=”The Pace Bunny” goal=”1000” current=”897.5” label=”kms”]

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Pacing Bunny… winning</figcaption></figure> Data from the last five months

November: 57 km 4:50:47
October: 79.4 km 5:33:18
September: 16.3 km 1:22:58
August: 0 km 0:00
July: 5.3 km 27:15