Just got back from my final run of the year. It was only 5km and it hurt. I obviously failed my 1000km target many, many months back. So how did I go for the year?

[progpress title=”My Running Meter” goal=”1000” current=”268.8” label=”kms”]

268.8 km. Not a great result. Not even one third! The Pacing Bunny well and truly won. Hear hear to the Pacing Bunny.

I think it’s time for a graph or two (or three).

This is the kilometers run per month for 2012. The huge stretch of time where I ran zero kilometers is clearly where I got supremely lazy and didn’t run because I reckoned my knee hurt. It seems fixed now.


That spike in October? Good month. Unfortunately, the 79.4 km run is still 4km short of what I’ll need to run on average for a whole year to get to 1000km!

Here’s all my runs broken into week brackets. Last year, I started (and ended) with good intentions.


Finally, all my runs for the last four years broken into yearly brackets. The big discovery here is that I haven’t actually run 1000km in the last four years combined.


All up in 2012, I ran for 21 hours, 09 minutes and 27 seconds.

So 1000km for 2013 is again the target. It’s easy to say, but today’s XKCD cartoon addresses what is likely to happen.