The data is in for the first month of the year. Will it show progress? Will it show failure?

Before we get to the numbers (and graphs, oh the graphs), firstly what is this Run Run thing all about? Basically, I have a plan to run 1000 km in 2013. I failed dismally last year. I’m more determined this year.

So what do the numbers say then?

Good news! So far this year I’ve run a somewhat respectable 134.50 kilometers. I say somewhat respectable because there are people that can run that in an afternoon. But for progress to the 1000km mark, it’s not bad for the first month.

I am however worried that this is what’ll happen (thanks to PHD Comics):

PHD Comics: Exercise vs. Time

Now, how does it compare with that evil pacing bunny rabbit?

Pacing Bunny... losing

The caption may give the game away. That bunny is behind at the moment, eating dust. The bunny (which runs the average of 2.6 kilometers a day to meet the 1000km/year goal) has bounded 84.9 kilometers. That puts me 49.6 km ahead at the end of the first month.

Jan: Will v Bunny

And here is the graph of runs so far this month:

Jan: All Runs

All good news. I’d like to run more kilometers each month, but with February being 3 days shorter, I better get cracking. See you in a month.