The month *started* well enough. In fact, it started admirably.

Was running 9-10km regularly. A few recovery runs too.

First week of Feb

In fact, I reached 43.0 km for the frist week. Things were looking up.

But the next week, I was heading to Melbourne for the weekend. After a longer than usual week, I thought I should take it a bit easier. Build in some rest days. So I ended up only running 20km. Then, on the plane, I got a cold. So the week after that was a shocking 15km.

The bunny of death was approaching me for a change. All year I’ve been pulling away. Now, the cute little thing was making back ground.

You can see where it all went so wrong:

Runs by week - Jan & Feb


All in all, I made it to 106.1 km for February. It’s a shorter month, so that’s not too bad I suppose. But when you look at the fall off from January (about 28km), it’s clear I’ve got some work to do:

2013 to Feb

I’m trying to do a “long” run each week (16km+), which I generally get around to doing on the weekend. I enjoy them. Here’s a graph of all my runs for 2013:

2013 all runs to Feb

The 15km run (second last on the right) was the first run I did after/during my brief “sickness”. It was a hotter day, and it almost killed me! The 8km run two days later was much more pleasant. I need to slowly get back into this running thing rather than just assume I can jump back into the deep end.

The big gap in the middle is bad though. I should have done more runs before I went to Melbourne, but such is life.

So, where’s the bunny at the moment?

Well, I’m ahead, with a bit of a safety margin. I’m writing this blog a bit late, so this includes my long run from yesterday (which is in the March data).

Bunny 1000km to 3March

That’s nice to see. However, I’m also in an unofficial race with a 1000 MILE bunny (1,609.3 km). This bunny, thanks to February’s slackness, is now ahead of me.

Bunny 1000miles 3March

10km in front, and gaining every day. And every day, the bunny adds 4.2km…


Damn those bunnies.

So all and all, 240.2km so far for 2013. 759.8 km to go.