• The results for the great Vegemite experiment of 2015 are in

    Well, well, well. The results are in, and I’m a little surprised.

    20 days ago, I started an experiment to see if Vegemite and sugar was enough to start a fermentation.

    Why? Several weeks ago we saw many stories in Australia popup that Vegemite was being used to create alcohol.

    The BBC (and many other media outlets)…

    reported that Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion said Vegemite was being bought in bulk to make moonshine, and that because “brewer’s yeast is a key ingredient in the spread”.

    I said on Twitter, that hypothesis was that vegemite alone is not enough to cause fermentation, but is instead used (if at all) as a nutrient for the yeast.

    It appears that I am wrong.

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  • The great Vegemite experiment of 2015

    Can Vegemite be used in the process of fermentation? Is Vegemite and sugar enough to get fermentation going, or is something else needed?

    The reason why I’m asking is over the weekend, we saw many stories in Australia popup that Vegemite was being used to create alcohol.

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  • It took 243.4km to do it ...

    It’s taken 243.4k over 17 hours, 54 mins and 49 seconds to get there, but I’ve finally made it.

    It’s not the main goal, but a small hurdle along the way.

    Over the past few years, I’ve had a little challenge to run 1000km in a year. Not much really when you calculate it out over 365 days.

    It’s about 2.7km a day. Easy? Well, life gets in the way of running every day. So does beer.

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  • January running stats

    One month down, and I’m only 1.2km behind the pacing bunny!

    It’s not a bad start to the year. I’ve so far clocked 83.5k (to the bunny’s 84.7 km).

    I was much more reliable at the beginning of the month. There was a noticeable break in running from the 12th Jan to the 18th. And then a few more week gaps.

    I’ll put it down to a few things:

    • Hot weather
    • Day shifts at work

    I find it hard to get time in the evening to do a run - often a bit hungry and tired. I should work on this. Even if it’s just a short run, it’s a run!

    The bunny meter estimates, at current pace, I’ll get to 985.8 km for 2015. Not that far from 1000km, but still not there.

    I’ll have to increase the distance a little.

    Not going to be much running in February though. I’m going walking in Chile - so I’ll only have one week to get a few kilometres on the clock.

    I’ll have to catch up in March.

    It’s been a good January. See you at the end of next month.

  • The run runs of 2014


    It’s more than 500km, but much less than 1000!

    Once again, I fell rather short of the goal of running 1000km in a year. It shouldn’t really be that hard - it’s just that I’m lazy.

    On a slightly more positive note, I ran more in 2014 than in 2013 (just):


    If you look at the months of 2014, you can see where it all went wrong.

    After getting into gear just after January 2014, I surged ahead through the summer and early autumn, before simply giving up!

    I think it got cold and dark. I hate running in the morning, so night is the only option. And the pub is just too enticing.


    Oh well.

    I’ve reset the bunny run counter for 2015, and what do you know it’s already 2.7km ahead. That thing is nothing but efficient.


    2.7km a day, every day for a year. It’s not hard to imagine, but as we’ve seen it’s slightly harder in practice.