I’m sending a balloon to space.

Well, not space specifically. That starts at about 80-100km above the surface. My balloon will hopefully get to at least 30km.

How? Well it’s been done by *a lot *of people before me. Generally, people fill a weather balloon with helium (or hydrogen) gas, slap a flight computer as a payload, and let it go.

The computer records distance, height, temperature, location. It helps you get the stuff back when the balloon explodes, and the box of electronics falls back to earth.

I am planning on running a simple flight computer. Just GPS and temperature for the first time. It’ll be based around an Arduino micro-controller.

Things I need to do:

  • Buy all the goodies: GPS chips, temperature chips, batteries, wires, PCB boards, GSM/GRPS module, radio transmitter, data logger.
  • Program the micro-controller
  • Test, test, test and test
  • Collect resources on what other people have done
  • Plug the wires in, let it go.

Couldn’t be easier.

We. Shall. See.