So I was hoping to run 2000km this year, and run sub19 5k and sub40 10k.

All have been completed!

I ran sub19 5k a while back, just after my first round of marathon training.

I ran the sub40 10K after the marathon training block too.

I think just running a lot of KM got me there, as I didn’t do any specific 5-10K work. Just marathon training.

And as for the 2000km in a year goal… well that was beaten again by just running a lot.

So the lesson here, seems to be, just run a lot. And you’ll get faster.

Anyway, so I better lay out some new goals for myself for the rest of the year.

  • 3,218.69 total kilometers - this is 2000 miles.
  • sub-37 10k
  • sub-18 5k
  • A BQ marathon (sub 3:05)
  • A half-marathon in the 1:25:xx range.

I feel the 10k one might be pushing it a bit. The 5k one should be achiveable after my current round of marathon training.

The BQ is my marathon goal for Melbourne in October. I’ll try the half after that, hoping to use my fitness base to carry me over the line.

Anyway, really enjoying all the running I’m doing at the moment. It’s nice to set some new goals too!

Right O. Better get working.