• So I think I have this working...

    Okay. Just for the record, here’s the long (and pretty complicated) way to get a new blog post up.

    1. Write on my computer (iMac)
    2. Check in the post to Git (locally)
    3. Push the changes to my blog repo on BitBucket
    4. Log into my Virtual Machine (local) where Jekyll is installed (see note 1)
    5. Pull the changes from Git (BitBucket)
    6. Run Jekyll jekyll build
    7. rsync the new _site folder, so the changes appear live on this blog
    8. Check in the new _site changes
    9. Commit to Git, push
    10. Pull changes from Git to my iMac (for backing up/records)

    Should have just stayed with Wordpress.

  • Update time

    So it’s been a while!

    I’ve just changed static site generators to Jekyll proper. Before it was doing something with GitHub Pages (which is also Jekyll) but I forgot how to update it.

    So I’ve reinstalled Jeykll, changed the theme and given the whole thing a bit of a quick make over.

    Seems to be working, so that’s good. I guess I’ll post again in about 2 years.

    Now to work out how to publish this easily…

  • Moved home (just in time)

    I finally got around to moving the hosting of my blog.

    It was on GitHub Pages, but I got sick of that. So I moved it instead to my server, so I could add HTTPS via Lets Encrypt.

    Happy green little lock! Hello.

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  • A list of record breaking fleece (or decent attempts)

    World Record

    Sheep name Fleece Weight Nationality Location of Fleece Date Sources
    Chris 40.45 kg Flag of Australia Australian Canberra, ACT September 3, 2015 1 2
    Big Ben 28.90 kg Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Omahau Hill Station, South Canterbury September 2014 1
    Shrek 27 kg Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Bendigo Station, Otago April 28, 2004 1

    Australian Record

    Sheep name Fleece Weight State/Territory Location of Fleece Date Sources
    Chris 40.45 kg ACT Canberra September 3, 2015 1 2
    Shaun ~23.5 kg Tasmania Stonehenge August 29, 2014 1 2

    Tasmanian Record

    Sheep name Fleece Weight Location Date Sources Note
    Shaun ~23.5 kg Stonehenge August 29, 2014 1 2  
    Sheila 21.79 kg Buckland January 4, 2016 1 1


    1. Not record breaking, just good attempt
  • The results for the great Vegemite experiment of 2015 are in

    Well, well, well. The results are in, and I’m a little surprised.

    20 days ago, I started an experiment to see if Vegemite and sugar was enough to start a fermentation.

    Why? Several weeks ago we saw many stories in Australia popup that Vegemite was being used to create alcohol.

    The BBC (and many other media outlets)…

    reported that Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion said Vegemite was being bought in bulk to make moonshine, and that because “brewer’s yeast is a key ingredient in the spread”.

    I said on Twitter, that hypothesis was that vegemite alone is not enough to cause fermentation, but is instead used (if at all) as a nutrient for the yeast.

    It appears that I am wrong.

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