• All 2018 running goals achieved! Time to set some new ones.


    So I was hoping to run 2000km this year, and run sub19 5k and sub40 10k.

    All have been completed!

    I ran sub19 5k a while back, just after my first round of marathon training.

    I ran the sub40 10K after the marathon training block too.

    I think just running a lot of KM got me there, as I didn’t do any specific 5-10K work. Just marathon training.

    And as for the 2000km in a year goal… well that was beaten again by just running a lot.

    So the lesson here, seems to be, just run a lot. And you’ll get faster.

    Anyway, so I better lay out some new goals for myself for the rest of the year.

    • 3,218.69 total kilometers - this is 2000 miles.
    • sub-37 10k
    • sub-18 5k
    • A BQ marathon (sub 3:05)
    • A half-marathon in the 1:25:xx range.

    I feel the 10k one might be pushing it a bit. The 5k one should be achiveable after my current round of marathon training.

    The BQ is my marathon goal for Melbourne in October. I’ll try the half after that, hoping to use my fitness base to carry me over the line.

    Anyway, really enjoying all the running I’m doing at the moment. It’s nice to set some new goals too!

    Right O. Better get working.

  • Finally ran 1000km in a year and beat that bloody rabbit

    So I’ve long written (poorly) about a goal to run 1000km in a year.

    Anyway, I never made it. Too lazy really.

    But this year, I did! I ran my 1000th kilometer on the last day in November. All it took was to go outside, and actually run. It’s up to 1015km now. Not that that’s all that interesting.

    I took it all much slower than I did back in 2012/13, etc. Long slow kilometers. Build, build and build to avoid injury, which is probably how I got there.

    So that’s that really. Goal achived!

    I guess I need to set a new goal. Okay, here goes.

    2000km in a year.

    Hm… that was easy to set, and is double as hard. Oh well, there it is.

    Oh my other goals for 2018:

    • Run 5km in less than 19mins (so at least 18:59)
    • Run 10km in less than 40 mins (so at least 39:59)

    My 5km PB sits at 19:45ish. My 10km is old as old at 40:30ish, but I suspect that’s a bit dodge. So we’ll make it 43:08 which was the last time I ran a 10km fast. That happened in May 2017.

    Right O. Better get working.

  • So I think I have this working...

    Okay. Just for the record, here’s the long (and pretty complicated) way to get a new blog post up.

    1. Write on my computer (iMac)
    2. Check in the post to Git (locally)
    3. Push the changes to my blog repo on BitBucket
    4. Log into my Virtual Machine (local) where Jekyll is installed (see note 1)
    5. Pull the changes from Git (BitBucket)
    6. Run Jekyll jekyll build
    7. rsync the new _site folder, so the changes appear live on this blog
    8. Check in the new _site changes
    9. Commit to Git, push
    10. Pull changes from Git to my iMac (for backing up/records)

    Should have just stayed with Wordpress.

  • Update time

    So it’s been a while!

    I’ve just changed static site generators to Jekyll proper. Before it was doing something with GitHub Pages (which is also Jekyll) but I forgot how to update it.

    So I’ve reinstalled Jeykll, changed the theme and given the whole thing a bit of a quick make over.

    Seems to be working, so that’s good. I guess I’ll post again in about 2 years.

    Now to work out how to publish this easily…

  • Moved home (just in time)

    I finally got around to moving the hosting of my blog.

    It was on GitHub Pages, but I got sick of that. So I moved it instead to my server, so I could add HTTPS via Lets Encrypt.

    Happy green little lock! Hello.

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